I have a confession. I’m a closet poet, and I’ve always been a huge fan of haiku. The way that it forces us to be thoughtful, intentional and succinct is magical. What do you want to say it? What is the best way to share it? Who is your audience? What mood do you want to convey? Great…now take that and make it fit into 17 syllables.

I’ve written several different things during the past six months, some lengthy and some fiery and others passionate and melancholy. It can all be summed up into this one piece that I have chosen to share with you today. May it provoke you to reflection & action.


Time flies when you’re pushed

Beyond natural limits

Life is but a dream

an hourglass rests in the sand, at a slight angle. there is a hazy tint to the air making it hard to see anything else.

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