About Ashley

Ashley May is a passionate Educator & Educational Technology Leader with classroom teaching experience at both the elementary and secondary levels.  Her biggest passion is helping others grow and experience transformational shifts in their educational practices. As a skilled presenter and facilitator, Ashley seamlessly connects new technologies and ideas with practical classroom application that maximizes student growth and achievement. 

In her current role, Ashley leads the Educational Technology Department in a large, urban school district in Houston, Texas. She holds two advanced degrees, an M.S. in Education Media Design & Technology and an M.Ed. in Educational Administration, and in 2016, she completed her Texas  Principal Certification.

Ashley is passionate about the intersection of technology, education, & innovation.  An experienced trainer, speaker, and author, Ashley loves to share her knowledge and expertise with anyone who is willing to listen. Her greatest desire is to permanently dismantle the “but that’s the way we’ve always done it” argument  that is often presented as a reason to resist change. Through humor and transparency, Ashley leads and guides her audience through the realization that the only barriers to change are the ones in our minds. Her audiences leave empowered with the tools necessary to lead & transform any educational setting. 

When not at work, Ashley balances her role as a wife  and a mother of four handsome young men. Her husband is extremely supportive of her need to “pilot” all of her great ideas at home first, and they both enjoy watching their children grow as they discover and explore new things!