Six Months In…

Six months in…it doesn’t seem like a very long time at all. In some respects, it went by in the blink of an eye, and in other ways it feels like an eternity has passed since July 1st. Either way, I survived! This transition has been filled with the stuff that most transitions are made of. The job is the job. The people are people. And I am figuring out to be me in this new environment.

As a leader that means several things. What do you address? What do you only make note of? How long do you observe? Those are all hard questions, and the truth is there is not a correct answer to any of them. So much of leadership is situational. The choices that we make are made with the best information that is available to us at the time. And in that respect, there is no such thing as a bad decision. (Except when there is, lol.)

Bitmoji image of Ashley with a thinking emoji in a thought bubble.

Decisions, whether they involve high or low stakes, are never simple…even when they are seemingly easy to make. Everything is a decision, even the decision to do nothing. And every decision has a consequence whether positive or negative. I’ve waited to address things that should’ve been addressed sooner. I’ve also inserted just enough accountability to have an accurate pulse on how my department supports campuses. I’ve initiated conversations with campus principals that were long overdue, and I’ve spoken up before I should have. I’ve stepped up and provided support to my colleagues, shouldering burdens that they didn’t have the bandwidth to handle in the moment. And I’ve continually reached out for support and guidance along the way. And guess what that amounts to??

HUMANITY! That’s right. It makes me human. I am usually unapologetically Ashley in every situation. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m learning how to be me in this new environment. I’ve been slowly allowing myself to be completely me. But being completely me in an unfamiliar setting is not always easy. And that causes me to second guess myself at the most inopportune times. But my confidence in who I am and what I am capable of remains. My track record and my resume speak for themselves. I know who I am, and I know Who’s I am. And that is enough for me.

A Bitmoji of Ashley with the word "me" above her head.

I’ve learned and grown from each decision, and in the process I’ve been transparent with my village and my circle. These are the people that I trust to hold me accountable and push me to be better. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they give advice, and sometimes they probably want to throw things, lol. But this week, they’ll celebrate with me. Six months down, and I’m just getting started!

Side Note: I read a great article about the sum of our decisions, and I’ve share a link here. There’s not any scientific research behind it. It’s simply another way to view the choices that we make throughout our lives. Enjoy. (Article Link: Why There’s No Such Thing as a Wrong Decision)

I’ll be sharing my journey to imperfection, and the long process of releasing the weight of perfectionism and learning to honor my own humanity at the Celebrate Your Story Conference, hosted by Todd Nesloney. You can read more about it and register at this link: Celebrate Your Story Eventbrite

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