Leadership during crisis is not something that they prepare you for in school. There’s no set of questions on the comprehensive or certification exams. There’s no manual. You just have to do it. My struggle right now is leading and being my usual transparent self. I’m tired. I’m frustrated. And in my opinion, I’m the last person anyone should be looking to for advice on how to deal with this new reality.

But maybe that’s exactly why I’m qualified to lead. Maybe my refusal to pretend that the sky is not falling in is exactly what draws people to me. Maybe my acknowledgement of the fact that I am barely hanging on by a thread is the honesty that people need to validate their own feelings about the situation. Maybe, just maybe, me feeling like a hot mess gives others the permission to also feel like a hot mess.

I know this one thing: together we can survive anything. The key word in that sentence is together. It will take all of us, acknowledging the truth of the moment and working to change this situation for the better. It will take all of us admitting that everything is not roses and sunshine. Only then, when we admit that our current systems may not be working, can we work together to find a better solution. Only then can move forward and try something new. If we can admit it’s not working, maybe we can have the courage to try something different without fear of failure. For we will all believe & know that we can continue to adjust as we move forward, together.

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