The Coronapocalypse Conundrum

This started as a Twitter thread on Wednesday, that I wisely decided that I was too emotional to post. Today, a little over 24 hours later, I’ve decided that it’s okay, mostly because writing is therapeutic. This is originally from 4/8/2020. Warning: Unpopular opinion ahead.

I know I’m not the first & that I won’t be the last. Today I lost a loved one to COVID-19. He wasn’t even 65 yet. He battled so much in his lifetime only to be taken out by this cruel disease. I’m not sharing this for attention. I am sharing to make a few points.

  1. NOTHING IS WORTH A LIFE. Every decision that you make has an effect. There is no sense in needlessly exposing ppl to a deadly virus. There is no device, no item from your office or classroom, NOTHING that is worth it. We have got to wise up.
  2. We have got to stop reinforcing the narrative that educators have to be martyrs. No we do not. We have families. We are people. We are not required to continually sacrifice for the proverbial greater good.
  3. Educators are important, but we ARE NOT first responders. We should not be expected to behave like we are.

The educational complex has become an integral part of the social fabric. I get it. I understand that there are children who don’t eat if they are not at school. I understand that without meal service, many would go hungry. I know that many students don’t have devices or internet connections at home. But let me be clear, putting people on the front lines to pass out meals, technology, etc., will not solve these issues. These services will continue to do what they always have, which is to serve as bandaids for broken limbs. Until we are ready to tackle the actual systemic issues that cause public education to continually serve as a bandaid for a fractured society, we will continue this cycle.

This is not a drill. This is not practice. While I admire and respect all of those who are taking care of the most vulnerable parts of our society, I also think that collectively we need to demand more. Demand more from your local, regional, state, and federal government. Demand more from your school board, your mayor, your state reps, your congressmen, etc. You have a voice. Use it.

Every time you are exposed, you expose the ones that you love the most. What’s your life worth? your spouse’s life? your kids’ lives? your parents’ lives?

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay home.

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